100% Ransomware Protection Secure Your Data Without Needing To Backup!

FilingBox is the only 100% ransomware prevention network storage which protects your data from ransomware, even if your PC and servers are already exposed to ransomware. 


What Is 100% Ransomware-Proof Storage?

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FilingBox is the only 100% ransomware prevention network storage solution that protects your data, even if ransomware is already on your PC or server. It does not require you to make regular backups of your files every day, or making you unplug internet lines or USB external drives on your PC. 

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Who Uses 100% Ransomware-Proof Storage?

According to BBC news, Korea is still the No.1 most attacked country in the world by ransomware. FilingBox has been developed to prevent your data from being encrypted by ransomware attacks. FilingBox is currently being used in government agencies and large enterprises in Korea.


How Is 100% Ransomware Protection Possible?

FilingBox is secure storage which protects your data, even if your PC and server are already exposed to ransomware.

To protect your data securely, FilingBox stores your data on separate network storage, not on a local disk in your PC or server. It provides a network drive to PCs and servers like a conventional file server. However, it has the create-read-only security mode which can protect data from ransomware running on your PC and server.

Existing file servers always allow applications on PCs and servers to create, read, modify and delete files on a network drive. So, whenever applications try to modify and delete files, it always allows them to modify and delete files.

Unlike a conventional network storage, FilingBox has a create-read-only mode. Once the create-read-only mode is enabled, FilingBox works like a CD-ROM writer. It only allows an application to create and read data on that network drive except modifying and deleting.

So, even though ransomware runs on PCs and servers, they can not encrypt the data on that network drive. This is because FilingBox only allows applications to create and read the file except when modifying (or encrypting) files.

In case users or admins want to modify and delete files, FilingBox allows the designated application, like Windows file explorer, to modify and delete files on that network drive. So, users and admins can modify and delete files on that network drive but malware and any other applications cannot modify or delete files.  Click here to learn more about this technology.

FilingBox is ready to protect all your data at any level


For Company Data Protection

Do you worry about ransomware attack on the file server that you and your colleagues share and manage?  If so, FilingBox Enterprise is the right answer. It is the only ransomware-proof network storage software, which protects data on PCs that are exposed by ransomware in your company.


For Server Data Protection

If you are concerned about data protection on your server, FilingBox MEGA is an answer.  It is a ransomware-proof network storage software for Windows and Linux servers.  It protects your important files, such as database backup files, medical image files, and broadcast media files, on your servers against ransomware attacks.


For Team or Home Data Protection

If you are looking for storage to protect your data in your home or on your team, FilingBox MINI is ready.  It is the only ransomware-proof NAS(Network-Attached Storage), which does not require any IT knowledge for setting up a NAS in your home.


For Individual Data Protection

Are you looking for secure data storage for your PC and smartphone?  FilingBox NANO is the ransomware-proof USB storage that protects your data on your PC and smartphone from ransomware and phishing attacks.    

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What Data Do You Want To Protect?

Your Personal & Professional Data

FilingBox MINI is a 100% ransomware prevention storage device for your home or team.

Customer & Design Data In Companies & Government Agencyies

FilingBox Enterprise is a 100% ransomware prevention storage solution for companies and government organizations.

Transaction Data and Database Files Located On The Server

FilingBox MEGA is a 100% ransomware prevention storage solution for your server.
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