Ransomware Proof Storage: Why local governments are using it!

An image of Ransomware Proof Storage lock.

Local governments, Kwangju north district office and Incheon south-east district office, recently adopted ransomware-proof storage to protect their data from ransomware attacks. As local governments continue to face an increasing number of ransomware attacks, attackers are choosing to target local governments instead of individuals.

However, local governments don’t have disposable revenue and human resources to compete with cyber attacks. Therefore, local governments have to choose the correct prevention solution carefully, whilst maintaining productivity.

The reason the two local governments decided to use FilingBox, was that FilingBox provides the most explicit prevention methods compared to any Anti-Virus and Behavioral detection prevention software. Other solutions on the market only prevent ransomware during specific situations.

FilingBox however, is structurally separated from PCs as a physical file server and provides a network drive with Create-Read-Only mode. So, whenever a file request comes into FilingBox, FilingBox will always provide a file with a read-only attribute to PCs and will allow PCs to create a new file on the network drive mapped with FilingBox. It’s a very similar process to how data is created on a CD-ROM Writer.

FilingBox provides secure ransomware proof data storage to local governments in Korea, allowing their users to maintain productivity. It is also on Korea’s National Pre-Procurement list, which means any local government is allowed to use it in South Korea.  


At FilingBox, we firmly believe that adding the right prevention solution to your workflow is the safest way to protect yourself from ransomware.

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To protect your data securely, FilingBox stores your data on separate network storage, not on a local disk in your PC or server. It provides a network drive to PCs and servers like a conventional file server. However, it has the create-read-only security mode which can protect data from ransomware running on your PC and server.