Smart & Secure USB Storage

Protect And Store Your Data On a Bank-Grade Encrypted,
Ransomware-Proof & Phishing-Proof Storage Device

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Technology Features

USB cable-based Network Storage​

NANO looks like a USB storage, but it is a kind of network storage supporting USB cable. After plugging NANO into the PC and mounting the NANO network drive on Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder, you will have a new network drive on your PC and Mac.

Ransomware-Proof Storage​

NANO supports a Read-Only storage mode to protect your files from any modification, including ransomware. Once enabled, It only allows PC to read data, except creating, modifying, and deleting. Similarly to how files are created on a CD-ROM, files cannot be created or edited.

Phishing-Proof Storage

Nano also provides an Add-Only storage mode to protect your existing data from phishing attacks. It provides fake files to the PC when the PC accesses the files on the NANO unless the storage mode is changed with PIN code.

Restorable Storage

Nano also provides a read-write storage mode like a regular USB storage.

It has its 5G byte data cache and 100G byte data storage, which can be restored before changing it. If a user meets an unwanted situation, they can restore it.

USB Power

FilingBox NANO works only with the USB power. It does not need to carry the power adapter for the FilingBox NANO.

WIFI Supporting Network Storage

FilingBox NANO supports Wifi connection. If you need to send and receive a file to your friend under the same wireless router, by changing the connection mode, you can allow your friends to use a network drive mapped with the NANO. Using a network drive, your friends easily read and write a file on the NANO.

From Mobile to PC, Mac and Linux

With FilingBox NANO, you can protect the data on your iPhone, Android phone, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. It supports standard NFS/SMB protocol. If you have any application supporting NFS/SMB protocol on your device, you can make a backup on the FilingBox NANO.

Bank-Grade Encryption Storage

NANO supports encryption option including AES 128 & AES 64. When a file is created on the NANO network drive, it stores data with encryption.

We are looking for NANO retail partners and white label licensing partners in the US and the EU.​

NANO will be available 1st March.

We are looking for retail partners and white label NANO software licensing partners in the US and the EU.  If you are an electric device distributor and hardware manufacturer, check our partner program.

All visitors, who show the visitor’s badge at our booth, will get the free annual FilingBox MEGA license after the CES 2020.