Why did NH Investment & Securities adopt FilingBox instead of using file servers?

Image of file servers - FilingBox

NH Investment & Securities, who is the No 1. stock investment company in Korea, decided to stop using vulnerable SAMBA file servers, in favor of using FilingBox Enterprise instead. They fully understood the vulnerability of their existing file servers. Cyber attacks have focused on holes in open source or OS and SAMBA file servers are […]

Why did KNOC choose FilingBox to secure their data?

Image of File Servers - FilingBox

KNOC (Korea National Oil Corporation) chose FilingBox to secure their data because they needed a powerful ransomware-proof storage solution. KNOC is a large public organization in Korea, founded in 1979. KNOC is responsible for Korea’s oil supply through strategic petroleum stock-piling and development. Critical to their mission, they have to foresee and prepare against any […]

Ransomware Proof Storage: Why local governments are using it!

An image of Ransomware Proof Storage lock.

Local governments in Korea, Kwangju north district office and Incheon south-east district office, recently adopted ransomware-proof storage to protect their data from ransomware attacks. Local governments continue to face an increasing number of ransomware attacks because attackers see local governments as prime targets providing greater financial opportunities over individuals. However, local governments don’t have disposable […]